“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But muscians paint their pictures on silence ~Leopold Stokowski


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Group Project: Oscar Camorlinga

Our project was to create a portal to another world (shooting live-action).  The purpose of the project was mainly to get compositing experience.  Oscar and I have not finished this project yet, but we hope to in the near future.  

Live action: Our character aimlessly walks amongst a path while observing everything but the ground he walks on.  On the path, he falls into a ink puddle (portal). 

Animation: He is then transformed into Ink Boy!  Ink Boy enters a world of blank canvas where he is left to discover. 

Screen shots from "Inkscape"


Group Project: Oscar Camorlinga, Owen Herterich
Sand on Lightboard
Canon EOS 40D
Adobe AfterEffects

Eight second stop motion animation to a documentary sound clip. Emphasis on visual metaphor.

In order to achieve this project, we placed my camera (Canon EOS 40D) on a tripod on top of the light board.  The camera faced down to the light board and sand.  We used a program that automatically took pictures from my camera and imported them onto Oscar's computer directly.  We then composited the images in Adobe AfterEffects.  

Puppy Animation
Pencil and Paper
Adobe Premiere 

Animation done at Savannah College of Art and Design Summer Seminar (1 week)

Hey Diddle Diddle
Adobe AfterEffects

Our project was to create a 30 second animation based on a nursery rhyme.  We were responsible for all aspects of animation.  

Animation: The cat with the fiddle performs at a bar but does not receive any applause after the performance.  He cowers off the stage to go sit down at the bar.  In the window (outside) behind the cat, there is a general shape that lands onto the moon.  The cat is then met by a laughing dog who points out the window.  The cat turns around to see what the dog is referring to.  He then notices the cow, in fact, did not make it over the moon.  

Final Design

I spent a decent amount of time developing the look for the fiddler cat.  Each example here is an individual design.  I finally went a design that incorporated exaggerated paws, large head and short body.  

Black and White
Group Project: Mike Denman, Eugene Holub, Erin Neely 
Pencil and Paper
Adobe AfterEffects

12 Second Classical Narrative

Our characters reflect the colors black and white.  Since color meanings are not universal, we decided to go with an eastern meaning of the colors.  

Animatic: There is a scientist in a lab working on something very intensive.  There are a series of ECUs  of the scientist working.  The ringing of a phone and the touch of his boss brings the scientist, or employee back into reality.  He is only a man who works in a cubicle.

Storyboards I originally created for the project