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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final Project Research

Published by Amy at 10:08 PM

Oscar and I finally decided on our idea for the final project this semester.  We are going to have a small ensemble perform on stage.  The conductor is going to conduct with a wiimote.  The conductor's movements will be visually represented on a screen.  We have not decided on what the visuals will be yet since we need to figure out our piece of music first.

I contacted the TAMU Orchestra instructor, Paul Sikes, yesterday and we are going to meet today to discuss our idea to see if he is interested.  He is usually pretty busy at the end of the semester with band and orchestra concerts, but he may be able to suggest a short and appropriate piece for our project.  If we decide to involve the audience using a kinect as Hwaryoung suggested, we will need a happier, more interesting piece.  Here is some research I did relating to conducting with wiimotes:


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