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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Published by Amy at 10:03 AM

We had extra models for Circuitree that were not implemented for the first project.  I had to check each model (5 rocks, 2 plants) to see if their normals were correct.  For the first project, Circuitree's trees normals were inverted.  That's why the the models were missing a few faces.  Oscar also had to fix the normals for each tree.  He separated them into different parts.  I reconstructed them by putting each of the tree parts together in an irregular manner.  

As for textures, Oscar created the new texture for the worm, larva, and trees.  I did the textures for the rocks and the plants.  The plant texture wasn't mapped correctly, so I plan to change it before the VIST show.  

Storyboard of game


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