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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shadow Creature

Published by Amy at 12:17 PM

I decided to create the shadow creature in ZBrush.  Even though we do not have much time to complete the project, I feel this project is a good opportunity to experience a new program.  I started with Zspheres to create the basic frame of the creature.  My first model did not include the toes, so it was rather difficult trying to sculpt toes with not enough geometry.  I had to go back to a previous file and add the toes, along with the spikes on the body before I could sculpt.

Zbrush has several different materials available to the mesh when sculpting.    To check the creature's silhouette,  I tried out the Outline material. 
ZBrush also has some fun brushes to experiment with.  I tried out the Snake Hook Brush on the creature's spikes.


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