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Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 2 Concept

Published by Amy at 1:15 PM

On Saturday night, Cameron and Laura tried out the suggested space on Building A (southwest side, by TRC).  Instead of projecting from our studio space (as discussed last Thursday), it was easier to set the projector on the breezeway's bridge area.  Laura and Cameron did a test projection of doors on the angled space.

On Sunday afternoon, Laura, Cameron and I established our concept.  Laura really liked the idea of including shadows, as we did in our previous exercise. We continued with the door idea between each panel/slat, but we decided to incorporate a shadow creature along with interaction.  

Projection: There will be a silhouette person walking between doors (located on each panel) as a shadow creature stalks him.  The creature will appear from the shadows and will try to engulf the person, unless there is movement around the area.  The creature will spook and hide back into the shadow/shadows.  As an audience, their goal is to prevent the person from being eaten by the shadow creature by creating movement. 

I got to design the shadow creature.  As of now, I plan to create and animate the creature with AfterEffects using the Puppet tool.  It was inspired by two main references: Randal from Monsters, Inc. and Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets.

Laura, Cameron and I tried out our projector for the second time last night.  Laura made a diagram of our concept, so we decided to project her image on our wall to check perspectives and shadows.  We originally were going to project on the opposite side (left), but I noticed that the TRC's lights from the windows may interfere with our projection.  I decided to record our mayhem.  You'll have to excuse Laura.  She had a little too much coffee. 

Here is a quick animatic of our concept:


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