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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Studio Exercise

Published by Amy at 9:15 PM

Group Members: Cameron Coker, Laura Murphy

On Tuesday night, Cameron, Laura, and I constructed two triangles of white foam board (one triangle half the size of the other) to project onto.  We decided our mood should be Mystic.  After we constructed the triangles, we placed them on white roll paper as a background and base.  Laura and Cameron made additional animations to test on the triangles.  Since Cameron ran VPT, I helped spot the points on the physical triangles.

Laura's idea was to have the triangle shadows transfer between each other.  Cameron found ink footage that could be used.  Since the videos generally have white backgrounds, Laura and I had to edit them in AfterEffects to properly adjust the opacity.  Unfortunately, we were unable to saturate the ink footage to the same value of the triangle shadows.  We thought it would be interesting to have similar triangle shadows on the curved part of the white paper behind the triangles.  Laura created a desaturated image of a triangle that Cameron placed adjacent to the actual triangle's shadows.  As for music, we thought it would be appropriate to find ambience since our mood is Mystic.  I found our current piece of music for the exercise titled, "Midnight Lights":


Final Video


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