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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Circuitree Presentation

Published by Amy at 9:30 PM


Presentation Slides



Wii mote/Unity Demo

Though limbo is a platformer, it generally displays the mysterious look and feel we were going for.  

As for the wii mote demo, this is eventually what we would like to achieve.  It was our original plan to navigate the environment in this manner.  

User Experience

First Person ExperienceAs for navigation, the interface could definitely be improved.  Even though we were unable to use a wiimote, we believe the kinect would fit our project more appropriately.  As for the physical size of the projection, we feel it was rather successful.  If you stand in front of the screen, it feels as if you are in the environment.  

Second Person Experience: Logan  "I thought it was pretty cool, I liked it a lot.  I guess if you had to do more, you could have added in a kinect to get a more subversive experience.  But overall, great job!"

Third Person Experience: Chris  "It's even better because you don't have to worry about controlling it"

Was it immersive?

"Yes, it would have been even more on that curved screen"


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