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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Updates

Published by Amy at 9:29 PM

My team decided it would be less immersive for the user to navigate through a maze.  Instead, we have a dense forest with some infected red trees.  We have a separate area (which is gated) for the source of the virus, which is a hill with infected columns and ruins.  The gate has 9 lights on it (representing the 9 infected trees).  When the user disinfects a tree, a light on the gate will turn green.  After the user heals the trees, the gate will open to the hill.  The user then has to heal the red, infected columns, then go to the center of the ruins to heal the rotating orb.  An idle animation for the worm in the environment when the user confronts the source of the virus.  The worm will die when the user heals the rotating orb in the center of the ruins.  Besides the idle animation, I did a "death" animation where the worm dramatically falls to the ground.  


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