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Monday, September 12, 2011

Studio Exercise

Published by Amy at 9:21 PM

This environment is based on the inner-workings of a computer.  The user would log into a computer, the computer becomes "infected", and then they would be plunged into the environment/computer.  It beings with the character "Spybot" in the middle of a jungle maze, a symbol of the complexity of the outer rim of the computer hardware, where they would explore the space, all infected, searching for the source of the infection.  They would eventually come out to the motherboard - a giant castle in the middle of the jungle.  The character would make his way through the great hall - a clean, structured environment, symbolizing the core structure of the computer, based in the motherboard.  The source - the Trojan - would be found in the very center of the building, where it had established itself as a virus.  

Preliminary ideas
Front View

Side View
Plan View
User Navigation

Storyboard of concept


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